My. Goodness. Me. What a mad week, month, year! The end is near, though, in more ways than one. December is creeping towards the New Year, my list of upcoming markets is slowly getting smaller, and... AND!... the most exciting, important goal of the year is complete. 

Our house is on the market!!

In the space of eight weeks, it has been transformed from an average home into a gleaming, sparkling, spotless little beauty. It looks so good, in fact, that Sharon and I are wondering why in the world we're moving out! Mind you, we've also conveniently forgotten all about the blood, sweat, tears, tantrums and bruises that got us to this point. Here are some pics I took for the online ad:

 Our front yard, with the requisite sunrise.

Our beautiful, brand new kitchen.

Our ridiculously clean bedroom (please note the lack of cat fur!).

And our big, beautiful backyard with freshly grown green grass! 
(Yes, this is a big deal if you live in drought-riddled Australia!)

Is this super-exciting or what? I've never sold a house before, and it's all a bit of a rush. We have our fingers crossed that it will be snapped up this week so that we can start planning our move to our 20-acre bush sanctuary in Hurstbridge:

And begin living our sustainable, off-the-grid, animal rescue and rehabilitation centre dream. Fingers crossed!