'Twas the day of Christmas,

And although it was in July,

There was no reason not to celebrate,

And call on that red suited guy!

Anyone who knows anything about me is well aware that Christmas brings out that special something in me. The joyous sounds of carols, the sparkle of fairy lights, and the delicious smell of Polish cooking really bring a twinkle to my eye. So what better thing to do than to celebrate it twice in the one year? Welcome, therefore, to this very Pepperberry Christmas in July, thanks to Maggi over at Kata Mommy!

I awoke on this Christmas in July full of anticipation. Would I receive something lovely in the post, perhaps?

Unlikely, considering my letterbox is 7378 kilometres away...

Maybe something would be waiting for me under the tree?

Nope. That's not only 7378 kilometres away, but also packed away tightly in a beautiful white box...

So what would it be?
Well, this Christmas, my darling Santa brought me:
- a complete computer meltdown;
- a race around sweaty Bangkok to have my motherboard replaced;
- a complete Windows OS breakdown; and
- a lovely German man who temporarily fixed my computer until Monday, when I will race around sweaty Bangkok again to have my computer fixed... again.

Oh, dear! I think someone accidentally put me on the naughty list this year!

My Christmas cheer has therefore been slightly subdued... in fact, one might call me a downright cranky pants. With that in mind, I took this quiz to find out exactly which Christmas character I am, and guess what? I'm Mrs. Claus! Apparently, my unwavering support, hospitality, and comforting touch have landed me this important role. Further, I supposedly know how to take good cheer and deliver it wherever I go, spreading warmth even on the coldest winter days.

Let me just make it clear that that's not how chirpy I look at this very moment...

However, in the spirit of the day, I still wanted to share some bloggy joy with you. I have been saving this gorgeous tutorial until that special day in December, but I simply couldn't wait any longer!

The lovely Nikki over at Project: Domestic Bliss created this spectacular, simple and cost-effective Christmas Silhouette, and now you can too with her brilliant tutorial. The possibilities, however, do not stop at Christmas- this clever idea can be used with images of your family, friends, holiday spots, pets... anything!

I'm off to carve an image of a functioning computer now. May your Christmas in July be far merrier than mine- and don't forget to tell me what you asked Santa for!


I was introduced to the world of sewing by a tote bag.

Ok, maybe not just a tote bag, but a tote bag that I was lucky enough to make with the help of the magnificent Cathy of Miss Marzie and Audrey & Maude fame.

I had such fun making this sexy, quick little number that I've been madly collecting tutorials for tote bags ever since. Of course, like with most of my bookmarked tutorials, I still haven't had a chance to make them! I thought I'd share them with you, my dear readers, instead- and perhaps now the pressure will be on for me to make one.

Oh, Fransson! has this whimsical Margaret Sling bag tutorial:

You'll find this rustic apple picking tote tutorial at Purl Bee:

Qamut has this tote tutorial for those of inspired by bold polka:

Grab the tutorial for this two-tone tote at Whispering Pine:

And finally, MmmCrafts has this gorgeous messanger bag tutorial:

I hope you enjoy playing with these super-simple crafty ideas! As always, let me know if you end up making one because I'd most love to see the result.


P.S. GIVEAWAY WINNERS!: Thank you to all who entered my Tea Party giveaway and left such amusing and creative comments. I had immense trouble choosing my favourite entry, so with my magical powers, I've deemed that there shall be 6 winners! Lucky Vicki from Sew Useful Designs shall be receiving the Alice in Wonderland Passport Cover, and runners up Kami, Harley Dee, Ange Moore, Calidore, and Lizzie will receive a bookmark made out of the same fabric. Of course, winners may have to wait until I am back in the enchanting land of Oz to get their prizes... but in the meantime, please email me your postal details!

As a constant traveller, I have found that there are endless places with which I fall in love, and even some that I love enough to live in; there are only two corners of the world, however, that move me to the core of my soul. Today, I want to celebrate the first of these: the magical, enchanting city of Paris.

Vintage, classy and chic, Paris is the embodiment of design inspiration. Poets, sculptors, writers and crafters have all found a creative kinship with the city of love, and nowhere is this more obvious than at the home of homemade goodness: Etsy.

A quick search for 'Paris' will reveal nearly nine thousand results, ranging from photographic prints and scrabble tile pendants to items of clothing and magnets for your fridge.

I undertook the horrifically difficult and painful job of having to admire all the beautiful pieces that are available to find for you the ultimate in craft that is inspired by Paris:

Does it not simply make you sigh contentedly at its whimsical delight? If you're craving further Parisian inspiration, head across to Petits Details, one of the most beautiful French blogs on the web.

Now tell me: where in the world do you find you have a creative kinship with?


Hello, my gorgeous global friends!

I write to you from Tasik Kenyir, a intensely serene and sensationally beautiful lake system in the middle of Malaysia. From where I sit, I can see thunderous mountains covered in lush tropical rainforest, a lake so blue it sparkles like sapphires in the sun, and that endless stretch of sky that can only be seen when one is on holidays.

Fear not, however; this is not going to become a travel blog!
You can find that over at The Adventures of Sharon and Sandra, a blog I have started so that you can follow our 3-month journey across the wonders of South East Asia.

What I have done for my Pepperberrians instead is sourced some gorgeous creative inspiration from the streets of Kuala Lumpur, where we have spent the past 5 days. Today's crafty roundup comes in the form of patterned paper, and should hopefully tickle the fiddles of paper and fabric fanatics alike:

Aren't they simply gorgeous? Such vibrant colours and unique styles. I can't wait to see what else Malaysia has on offer!


P.S. I have succumbed! You can now follow me on Twitter, and find my pics on Flickr.

P.P.S. To all my lovely bloggers: I may be a tad busy over the next few months, and therefore be unable to comment on your wonderful blogs. I am, however, still reading as many as I can, and would absolutely love to receive emails from you with updates of what you are up to. I promise to write back!